Garbage to Garden helps you to:

  • Recycle your food scraps on garbage day
  • Compost all food waste, including meat, dairy, and bones
  • Receive a clean bucket each week
  • Request deliveries of matured compost at no extra charge
  • $14 monthly, and FREE if you can volunteer!

Did you know that food waste is the #1 component of municipal garbage?

When you compost with Garbage to Garden, you are helping to keep organic waste -- the primary component of trash -- out of landfills and incinerators. You are also reducing atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The waste you recycle with Garbage to Garden is used to renew our soils, and to generate green electricity through anaerobic digestion technology, with no harmful byproducts.


As soon as you join, you will be automatically added to our route, and will receive a welcome email. You will also be informed of available volunteer opportunities, which you can take advantage of in lieu of your monthly contribution starting with your second month.

Get one of our clean, compact, 6-gallon buckets with snap-tight lid. You can pick one up from any of our partners; a full list of locations will be in your welcome email, including:

Put all of your food waste directly in the bucket -- no plastic bags. Weíll swap it out for a fresh clean one on garbage day, so just make sure itís out by 7am, and donít write on it!

Thatís it! Contact us if you have questions or would like a free compost delivery!

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Minimum Monthly Contribution to cover costs is $14
although many choose to contribute more!

If you have received a referral from a friend or neighbor, please enter their name AND pickup address above to credit them for One Month Service!

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Participating in Garbage to Garden is voluntary! We hope it's as important to you as it is to us! Maine has a stated goal of reaching a 50% recycling rate statewide -- we can achieve that through curbside composting if you tell your friends and neighbors to participate!

More people in your community in our program means more rich compost for your plants!

Tell 5 of your good friends about Garbage to Garden and be eligible for a free shirt!

Want to Bring Curbside Compost Pickup to your City? Let us know!

We would love to offer weekly compost pickup and delivery to every city, but unfortunately we don't right now. If enough people in your town let us know of their interest, we can bring Garbage to Garden to your city!