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Curbside Composting

So easy, you won't even get your hands dirty.

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Once a week, we swap your bucket at the curb for a fresh, clean bucket - and, if requested, a bag of compost.

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Buckets available at Garbage to Garden, or our partner locations.

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Place Curbside.

Fill your bucket and place it curbside by 7am on your service day.


Say goodbye to stinky, dripping trash. Without food waste, trash remains lightweight and doesn't smell.
Save money by using fewer bags. We have participants who fill one trash bag every 4-6 weeks!
Do right by the environment. Composting benefits the air, water, and soil. Best of all, it closes the Farm-to-Table-to-Farm nutrient loop.
Support local. We compost with the experts at Benson Farm in Gorham. Our bucket soap is made by Maine Standard Biofuels from recycled cooking oil!

Only $14/month or $168 *New Website Special!* $154/year ($12.83/month)

Want to help grow the compost movement and earn free service? Consider our volunteer program

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Best thing that's come our way. Our blue bag is as light as a feather.

- Ginger

Love Garbage to Garden. Save money on trash removal, get compost, and stop feeding the skunks!

- Stephanie

I love this service.

- Melinda

Since we started chucking our food scraps in a Garbage to Garden bucket, my roommate and I can go three weeks without putting a blue trash bag on the curb.

- Cassandra

A great and needed service. I hated throwing away food.

- Kristin

I can't remember life before my bucket!

- Kathleen

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