Community Resilience Program

Through the Community Resilience Program, Garbage to Garden aims to enhance existing efforts to make composting easy and accessible to everyone by offering the curbside composting service to all community members regardless of a person’s ability to pay for curbside service.

Currently 23% of households in the East End, East Bayside, and West End neighborhoods participate in curbside composting. Our goal is a participation rate of 50%, and reaching this goal requires a community effort. If we get there, the cost to serve each household will be lower, so the support we need from everyone will decrease. It is our hope that by moving payment to a sliding scale that those who have previously been unable to afford to participate will be able to do so, and those who want to support the expansion of composting in their community will either contribute something extra to cover their neighbor’s service, volunteer their time to help the program succeed, or at the very least continue contributing the same as they have been.

If this community-supported model succeeds in the pilot area, it may be possible for us to reduce the cost of our curbside composting service to all and we envision expanding a similar model to other communities we serve.

To sign up for curbside service at a reduced rate or to make a contribution to support your neighbors, call us at 207-332-0277 or email us at!

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