Garbage to Garden is here to serve the community -- during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to doing our part to slow the transmission of the virus, and we are also committed to continuing to recycle the food scraps of the 10,000 households we serve weekly. All material will be collected on its normal schedule throughout this crisis, and the following are some of the procedures we are using to stay safe.

We have implemented our “Isolated Operations Plan” which means that Garbage to Garden staff do not come into contact with each other.

  • Field Operators keep their own assigned trucks, and load/unload buckets outside of the building, individually, at separate start times.
  • Our office staff and dispatchers are isolated and working from home. We are still accepting phone calls but encourage those who can to email us.
  • Mechanics and staff at our facility are assigned separate arrival times, and workstations are spaced out. We are taking all breaks separately from other staff, always maintaining physical distance, and are wearing personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) to enter common areas such as the breakroom, bathrooms and supply room.

By ensuring that we do not come into physical contact with each other, we can be confident that if one member of our team falls ill, the rest of the team will not have been exposed and may continue to work under this Isolated Operations Plan.

Whenever you receive a new bucket from us, that bucket and lid have been through an additional cleaning step of a bleach dip to kill any potential bacteria and viruses.

You can be confident that any new bucket you receive has been sanitized, and the driver who delivered it is taking all possible measures to prevent any cross-contamination between neighbors. After each container is emptied, the driver (who is wearing disposable gloves) uses the hand-sanitizer dispenser equipped in each truck. If you wish to take additional precautions, you are encouraged to disinfect the lid and bucket when you pick it up and when you set it out.

We hope that everyone is staying safe, getting fresh air, spending quality time with family/roommates, and looking forward to getting out and enjoying some home gardening!