Curbside Composting Service
Waterville, Maine

Waterville, Maine

Attention, Waterville residents!
In partnership with the City of Waterville, we are offering residents a FREE 2-month trial of curbside composting! Sign up here!

Once a week, on your service day, we collect your bucket of food scraps at the curb, leaving you with a clean bucket -- and, if requested, a bag of MOFGA approved, finished compost.

The free trial will be applied automatically to Waterville addresses while resources last; there is a one time, initial fee of $5 for your 5-gallon bucket, which we will deliver on your first service date.

Did you know? Three households composting for one year removes 1 TON of food waste diverted from landfills! By composting your food scraps, you’re putting nutrients back into the soil instead of wasting them. Composting also has numerous benefits for air quality and clean water. Join Waterville’s efforts to divert food waste and compostables from the landfill.

Sign up here!

Want to earn free composting service?

Volunteer with us to help us spread the word about our expansion to Waterville and receive:

  • Free composting service
  • Finished compost
  • Garbage to Garden swag

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